Thursday, December 3, 2009

There's a lot going on right now.

Let's start up with some of the really big things going on. The Hordes Mark II field test is going on right now, and will continue until the 24th this month.

The significance of this is that all of us who have already seen and love the Warmachine Mark II rules can now play using the Hordes factions. That's kind of great.

Of course, I think that anyone whose been playing much Hordes should get over to PP's website, sign up and start playing right now. They'll be accepting feedback, and already it is clear that the field test has improved quite a bit of rules wording.

Another bit of news from Privateer Press, they are releasing a new extreme sculpt. This time, it is a little different. Rather than doing one of everything from each faction, Privateer has decided to release a variant on the Extreme Juggernaut with the Extreme Destroyer. From the look of it, most of the parts are the same as the Juggernaut, just with some weapon changes.

I suppose that if they weren't going to release variants on this hull, I would probably have created a few myself. Now, Khadoran players who want to use nothing but massive minis are one step closer to that dream
On the Games Workshop side of things, we are getting some updated Legion of the Damned Space Marine minis. I remember when the old Legion of the Damned minis came out, and I don't think they've been updated since the end of the second edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Of course, anyone could have just painted a bunch of skulls and fire on black space marines, but the new minis look like they might be worth picking up anyway.

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