Sunday, January 15, 2017

Arena Rex Medusa- a second time around

Medusa is easily among the most beautiful sculpts I've ever painted. My hat is off to Sebastian Archer, he really outdid himself with this one.

After I posted the first one, another client asked me to paint her up for him. I mostly followed my original color scheme, except this time I used true metallics in place of the non-metallic metals I used the first time around.

 I'll need to paint one up for myself sometime.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Magic Cake Toppers

Since they're all custom made, I run across quite a few different themes in cake toppers. Here are a few of them that added a sort of fantasy magical element to them:



Thursday, January 5, 2017


Since this weekend will see the end of the campaign, I figured I'd post up another Kingdom Death mini. This time, it is the Manhunter- one of the monsters from the game.

 This is the plastic version, and I created the base mostly from scratch, with one GW bit thrown in there.

 I'll be making a chibi of him someday...