Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Stuffed Fables

I've been playing Stuffed Fables lately- it is quite a nice dungeon crawler.  One of the things that drew me to the game were the fantastic miniatures.  Most of them are in that sweet spot between cute and creepy that comes out just brilliant.

When I'm painting my own sets of minis, I tend to avoid the official color schemes and instead look for ways in which I can reinterpret the sculpts with color.  For Stuffed Fables, I decided to try and make all of the stuffies and enemies look worn, dirty and used.  I think this fits in with the Velveteen Rabbit's concept of stuffed animals- they're real when they're stained and worn.  Overall, I feel like this made the minis look a little more like Wyrd's Malifaux minis than most versions of Stuffed Fables that I've seen.

The game is a dungeon crawler in which the heroes are stuffed animals trying to protect their little girl from the nightmare monsters in the night.

So here they are.  I made these photos very large even though the minis are quite small (especially the Stuffies themselves).