Friday, November 30, 2012

Malifaux RPG up on Kickstarter

So, Wyrd games is working on a Malifaux RPG, and they're launching it as a Kickstart project.


 On the one hand, I'm not really sure why Wyrd needs to do a Kickstarter for their RPG book. I mean, it is a Malifaux project in the end, and Malifaux is doing great. I'm sure they have the funds for printing. All together, I can't see a Malifaux RPG failing to garner interest among the community (although Eric and Nathan might not realize that). (Evil Baby Orphanage is a different matter since it won't necessarily have much crossover audience- a Malifaux RPG is a sure bet so long as the system is cool). I guess they'll have a better idea of the demand before they order their first print run. That way, they won't end up running out at the manufacturer level like the Iron Kingdoms RPG did


 Of course, the artwork from Wyrd is all excellent, and at this point we can expect some terrific plastic minis from them (I've painted up a few plastic crews now, and the sculpts are great). The rules and concepts that they've released look interesting- it is a card based system in which the GM announces events like "The Gremlin shoots you" and the players contest with "no he doesn't, I dodge" and uses the fate deck to try and dodge. Although I'm honestly most excited about the fluff sections of this rulebook.


 The city of Malifaux is kind of a steampunk nightmare realm and it is hard to really get a grasp on what the lives of normal folk living in the city would look like. What does the work day of an M&SU member or someone working on the Ortega's estate? I'm really excited because this book will mean that they'll be fleshing out their world in directions that do not focus on the powerful characters who are altering the fate of the world.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Space Hulk Genestealers

Here are some 'stealers that I painted for my own Space Hulk set. The color scheme was originally inspired by some of the wretches from Gears of War, but ultimately I increased the contrast, saturation and overall cleanliness enough that they don't really look Gearsy.

 Still, I think they turned out rather nice.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Families that Slay together...

So, I work with a lot of couples preparing for their wedding day. Unlike most wedding based businesses, I also get to see how well they're preparing for the zombie apocalypse.


This couple, for example, sent me a photo of them in torn clothing holding these weapons (and there were even some zombies in the background). To be honest, I think it might have been the clearest vision I've ever been given, and almost none of it was in words.

 This couple had me give them both combat vests and military weaponry. Overall, I'm considering them among the best prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


 This last one is a little different from most of the zombie fighters that I do. For one thing, both figures are free standing, and for another the groom is wearing street clothes. Also, their cake will have zombies climbing the sides and so they wanted to be able to aim their figures at particular zombies. Overall, I'll bet it will make a great diorama on the big day.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Rex From Gencon

Here is Rex the Ogre from Super Dungeon Explore. I painted him for the Gencon Painting competition this year, and he took third place in the large figure category. I felt that was a pretty respectable award for him.

Painting him was loads of fun, although it is rough to paint Super Dungeon minis for a competition. All of those large areas are pretty tricky to get super smooth, so he took me some time to get right.

 While the sculptor was not credited (to my knowledge) I suspect he's a Jason Hendrix sculpt. The anatomy just looks like Hendrix' style, and painting him felt quite a bit like painting up a dire troll from Privateer Press.

I've also posted him up on Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote.