Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eldar Exodites

Here are a few minis that I got to paint up recently. My client created all of the conversions here, and sent them along for me to paint.

 I'm honestly rather fond of Eldar Exodites. They were always a portion of the Eldar force that fascinated me- especially back in the 2nd edition days when there were actually rules for them. Here are three of them.

As I understand it, these are played as War Walkers.

  Exodite Eldar

Eldar Exodite

Eldar Exodite

Friday, May 23, 2014

Munchkin Legos on Kickstarter!?!

Ok, the line between small toys and minis has always been a little blurry for me. I first started my foray into miniatures painting the Monster in my Pockets werewolf.

 And I've always loved Legos. Some friends of mine once started playing a miniatures game using Legos (to this day, I'm not totally sure where the rules set came from).

 I often look at the variety of Legos and wish they'd had Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Halo Legos when I was younger. I'm a little ashamed that I'd never even thought about how absolutely amazing Munckhin Cthulhu would be.
  Munchkin Bricks glow in the dark!

And they come in glow in the dark, too! I mean, who is ever going to recover from how awesome this is? 

They're not official Legos, but like the Halo set, they'll fit in with any other Lego-like bricks you may already have. And really, who doesn't want a Munckinomicon?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cake Toppers with personal touches.

Here's a couple cake toppers I'd like to share today. These two had some less ordinary items for me to customize.

 First off, not all brides feel the need to wear white. This bride send me photos of her lovely red dress to match.


And this groom decided that he wanted to use his skateboard to fend off the zombie threat. Including the design on the top and bottom.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Eldar Exodite

I got into miniatures wargaming a long time ago. Back then, Games Workshop regularly created rules for crazy things that they never intended to create minis for.

 Among these strange things were the Eldar Exodites. Included as a small sidenote to the Eldar army list, the Exodites brought something to the table that no one else in the 40k universe had at the time:

 Dinosaurs! Anyway, the love for the old dinosaur riding Eldar hasn't died, and a client of mine has had me work on several pieces for his Exodite force. Here is one of those minis:

Exodite Eldar

Eldar Exodite

Cake Topper Antagonists- Zombies and Werewolf

When you have two people on top of a cake, sometime is just seems logical for them to be assaulted by werewolves or zombies. So, here are some of the antagonists that I've made for people's cakes:


And naturally, the bride and groom will have to be able to defend themselves:


And here's a couple that's clearly been successful.

Halo Bride and Groom Cake Topper

Here is a couple that wanted to be Spartans on their big day. I definitely found myself admiring their selection of weaponry. They asked for metallic armor- as sort of a tribute to the first Halo game and the way that everyone's armor had a sheem to it back then.