Friday, November 29, 2013

MMO Cake Topper

This couple had me create cake toppers to look like MMORPG characters. I love these kinds of original ideas, and the elf ears add a lot of fun. Have a look.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Malifaux minis revealed and Heroquest Kickstarter

his is quite the eventful time in miniatures, isn't it?

 At the moment, I'm watching closely Gamezone's Kickstarter for a 25th anniversary edition of Heroquest.


Gamezone has been making some pretty nice fantasy minis for years, and have a pretty large line of minis to their name. Apparently, they've secured the rights to produce Heroquest in Spain. So, they'll be producing games in Spain in a number of languages and mailing them out all over the world.

They've stated that they've been in contact with Hasbro (which owns the Heroquest property) and are not using any of GW owned works (mostly, GW owned the miniature sculpts themselves). All and all, this is a great time to be a Heroquest fan.

It is easy to see that Gamezone isn't exactly an English as a first language company. Even with the troubles they're having on that front, the Kickstarter has raised over half a million in its first three days.

So, second piece of news I'm super excited about. Wyrd Games just announced that they're having a Black Friday sale, and revealed a number of goodies that they'll be selling as pre-releases.

Among them, there's a new rules manual for Malifaux 2nd edition. I was afraid we weren't going to see one of these.


And there are a number of new kits of characters that have recently become plastic. Among my favorites is the Latigo Posse and Body of Evidence:


Anyway, happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Space Hulk Squad Gideon

Well, I posted up my squad Lorenzo as I painted them up. But when I finished off Squad Gideon, they didn't get photographed right away. So, here they are.

 I had a bit of a block going into this set, as I wanted to have something subtle show the difference between the two squads, without making them look like they were from a different chapter. In the end I chose to make all of the jewels a different color (Lorenzo's squad has blue jewels, rather than the green ones here).


Also, I updated my Librarian Calistarius. I had originally painted him with metallic metals, and without dark lining. Last thing I did on the set was paint him in Non metallic metals to match the rest of the Space Hulk set.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Romantic Ninja Across the Threshold

Here is a Romantic Ninja cake topper I created a little while ago. I really love to see some of the details that my customers find for me to match. Here, I think it was the shoes that really excited me.
 And ninjas are always fun too.

  Romantic Ninja across the threshold cake topper
Ninja wedding cake topper