Monday, October 29, 2018

MidKnight Heroes epic Damien

This is the Damien mini from Midknight Heroes upcoming Kickstarter (this is a 3D print of him that I got to paint).

With his whole demon aesthetic, I decided that he might fit with my Kingdom Death set.  So I made him a face base, and painted him in the color scheme of the Dark Paladin artwork.

While I didn't convert this guy at all, I did consider what his bits might be good for.  I'm going to have to grab a couple more when they come out.  I've got a few ideas in store for him.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Chibi Gloomhaven- First Four (non-spoiler) PCs

Lately, I've been playing Gloomhaven quite a bit, and I decided that it is a game that could use some Chibi minis to replace the hundreds of standees that come in the box.

Thankfully, most Gloomhaven enemies match minis that I've already got in chibi form (Zombies, Skeletons, human archers, slimes, etc).  But for the PCs, and for the more distinct races, I felt that I needed to create some minis.

Here are the first four PCs that I made.  They're all starting classes, so there's no need to worry about spoilers.

The Inox Brute.  This was the first Chibi Gloomhaven character that I finished.  I was very excited to make him.  The body comes from a Cyclopes from Impact! Miniatures.  The head is mostly my own sculpt- although I did have some plastic horns leftover from various GW kits.

The orchid spellweaver was a really fun one to make.  She started life as two separate ninjas from Ninja All Stars (head and body).  I really liked sculpting all of the crystals on her.

The Vermling gave me a bit of trouble.  I needed something between a goblin and a Skaven, that could also fit in with the chibis I'd been making.  I looked around for ones that would fit the style well, and eventually discovered that the Wiz-Kids Pathfinder Goblins were close to perfect.  They just needed their ears fixed and tails attached.

THe last one is the human Scoundrel.  I made here eyes glow to match the artwork (my wife played this character, but it definitely took her a minute to recognize that the character was, in fact, human.