Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Khanjira the World Breaker

During Reaper's Bones Kickstarter, it became apparent to everyone that one of the best uses for Bones Plastic material is to create massive minis that are relatively inexpensive.

 It is great for the slightly large monsters (I'd rather spend less on ogres and bugbears) but it is particularly great for some of the absolutely massive minis that in the past have put me back hundreds.

 Here is Khanjira the World Breaker- a fantastic monster that resembles the Pathfinder Terrasque. To me, he looks just right to be the Iron Kingdoms Chimera- an insane dragon whose shape keeps changing.

 To go with this interpretation, I used a sort of "Everblight" composition for him- light colored skin with dark colored armor plating.

 Overall, I feel this approach worked quite well. Have a look:


Friday, December 18, 2015

Cosplay Candy and Rin Farrah

Here are a couple minis from Relic Knights that I painted up.

 I really enjoyed mixing up the skin tones on my forces- I find that a large variety of skin tones gives you a lot more freedom as you go. So far, none of the characters I've painted for the faction have the exact same skin tone, and that's been working well for them.

 Anyway, here they are:


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Armed to the teeth Wedding Cake Toppers

get to do a whole lot of interesting wedding cake toppers. While I do quite a number of different ones, the most popular concepts for them remain the Zombie Survivor couples.

 I've made quite a number of different weaponry for brides and grooms. Here are a few sets that all decided to use firearms against the zombie horde.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Science Fiction Gamer Cake Topper

Here is a couple that really needed to have some strong science fiction styled body armor for their wedding cake topper. They're definitely set to fight some pretty fierce aliens.

 I've got to admit that I heartily approve. Here they are:

  Armed and armored bride and groom

Arena Rex Gaius Pallidus

Here is a mini from Arena Rex that I had the chance to paint up a little while ago.

 The miniatures for this game are terrific- superbly detailed and well cast, they take paint like a dream and really deserve some wonderful paintjobs.

 This one was done for a client. I don't have any of my own Arena Rex stuff yet, but I've had several clients ask me to paint them (so they'll likely get their own gallery before too long).

 The character, as I understand it, was a war hero from Brittania who was saved from death by a druid- hence, he is now part tree.