Friday, March 13, 2020

More Chibi Kingdom Death

Here are a couple more Chibi Kingdom Death minis that I’ve created.

This first one is a Watcher. For the watcher, I feel like black robes are pretty standard, even though the artwork for him was in brown and blue. Since I had previously made one for a client in black, I decided to do this one in the brown.

I also got to create a Dung Beetle Knight and Dung Ball for a client.

The Dung Beetle Knight’s anatomy is rather strange to begin with, so I couldn’t use a lot fo the same basis minis to convert him. Ultimately, though, I think he worked out very well. I’ll need to make one for myself as well.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Adeptus Titanicus

When I first started collecting miniatures, Games Workshop had two scales for their Warhammer 40,000 universe- there was their normal gaming scale (about 28mm) and their Epic scale for games like Space Marine and later Titan Legions.

The cool thing about the smaller scale was that the games could include the absolutely massive giant robots that stalked the battlefields of the 41st millennium. The only issue with this scale was that it was VERY small- too small for some of the details we would like to paint.

I’m not sure exactly what motivated it, but the introduction of the Adeptus Titanicus gave rise to a new scale- something in between. This scale is nice because the huge Warlord Titans are about the size of Imperial Knights, and there’s enough room to really add some cool detailing.

And in the setting, they really love to add murals to their giant robots.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Screaming Antelope

The Screaming Antelope is one of the core monsters of Kingdom Death: Monster.  And the fact that you can get so many fine resources from it makes it one of the most hunted creatures in the setting.

For this paintjob, I wanted to move away from both the grey standard color scheme for the antelope and away from the red "skinned antelope" look I've often seen.

All together, I feel like this came out really well.

The base is constructed from apoxie sculpt and green stuff.