Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Video Game Cake Toppers

So, I have another set of cake toppers to show off. This time the theme is going to be video game inspirations- and none of them are zombie related this time.

 First off, a couple who bond over competitive gaming:


And we have some sweet couples who just can't put down those controllers:


 And a similar couple, this time he is in the military:


And to top it all off, we have a couple cosplaying as one of the best classic video game couples of all time:


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Marble Eldar of the Aliatoc Craftworld

The Aliatoc color scheme was my first exposure to the 40k universe. I really just wanted to learn to paint minis, so I went down to the comic shop and picked up a few Eldar. It took me a little while to realize that half of what I picked up was epic scale, and that the Avatar was a huge monstrocity and not a cute Eldar midget.

 Anyway, the color scheme has evolved over time. Two different clients actually send me the same concept for a color scheme here, so I thought I'd show them off together.


And a Titan that wasn't part of the same group:


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Side Arms for Zombie Survivor Cake toppers

Well, I have a few more cake toppers to show off, and this time the theme is their weaponry. Here are a number of topper couples who decided that pistols were the way to go.

This couple is paired with some zombies on lower tiers- climbing the cake after them.


Climbing zombies just look odd out of context, though.

Here, we have a bride who chose a silent bow to keep the horde away. Her groom decided that meant he could make enough noise for both of them.

While she went with the smaller armament, her groom decided he couldn't live without his AK.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fairy Society Lunar Knight

Ok, I love to play some Fairy Meat sometimes (especially since I got those lovely Noraland minis from Thunderbolt Mountain). So, when I get a commission to re-paint a large Fairy Society statue, I can't help but think of how it would be perfect for Fairy Meat.

 So, here she is-another re-paint of a fairy sculpture, also a commission. Since the last one was done up in such warm, almost autumnal colors, I went with a very different feel here.

 I originally had the idea of creating an Ice Queen look to her, but when my blue colors were too warm and deep for that, I decided she looked just perfect as a Lunar Knight for a Moon Fairy warband.

 This time I had the foresight to measure her height before I mailed her out and she is a little under 150mm scale- yes, that's very big for a mini. I find there are some advantages to having larger minis to work with, but getting smooth blends takes forever this way.