Thursday, June 28, 2012

Privateer Press has the extreme sculpt we've waited so long for

I'm personally quite a fan of Privateer Press' Extreme line. They take some of the most iconic warbeasts and warjacks and hand them over to Jason Hendricks to create a larger and crazier version. They've released them pretty slowly- about one a year for the past six years or so. This year's addition might be the best one yet: the Carnivean. Extreme Carnivean It looks almost like a cross between the Carnivean and Incubus minis- two of the finest sculpts in the Everblight range. This monster is largely made of resin, with some metal bits here and there (the way PP seems to be going with all of their larger minis). Go ahead and check out the 360. It won't have as many angles as you'd like, but that's just going to happen with a sculpt this thrilling.