Monday, November 7, 2011

Of Mouslings and Men

Ok, for anyone who might have missed them, for the past year and a half, Reaper Miniatures has been producing sets of some of the cutest little miniatures released this side of Super Dungeon Explore.

These miniatures are mostly sculpted by Gene Van Horne (although it turns out the initial run had some work by Bobby Jackson in it too).

Well, they started out with mouslings that looked like adventuring heroes:

But once all of the core character classes were all covered in the mousling world, well... they started getting pretty crazy with:

Asiago Jones Mousling

Zombie Apocalypse Mouslings (proving they have similar taste to me).

Space Mouslings

And happy drunk Mouslings

From all reports, it seems like Reaper is giving Gene Van Horne an open door for all Mousling minis. If he makes one, they'll produce it.

That's a great deal for him, as it means that he is free to create all kinds of outstanding Mousling minis.

Now I've mentioned his name twice, so if Gene Van Horne googles his own name, he might be reading this. So, Gene, if you are reading this, I'd like to put an idea into your head.

Football Mouslings!

I mean, I'd love to field a Bloodbowl or Elfball mouse team. And hopefully, you think that's awesome too.