Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kingdom Death Chosen

Kingdom Death: Monster is finally making its way into the hands of backers. I've had a chance to play it, and I can say that the game, and game pieces are quite good. It is gritty, tough and each time your tiny colony survives a nemesis, you feel a real sense of accomplishment.

 Now, while I don't have any of the new minis from the game painted up, I do have one of Kingdom Death's resin figures done. Here is the "Chosen." While he does not yet have any rules, reading over the fluff blurb on him, I'm pretty sure that he'll make it into a Kingdom Death expansion sometime (probably as a nemesis).


Friday, September 18, 2015

Zombie Survivor wedding cake topper

Once in a while, it is really important to get back to your roots. With the Geek Wedding Cake Toppers, I've done all kinds of things, from representing vidoegame characters or steampunk cosplayers, to couples that want to express their love of photography or their pets.

 But I do love me some zombies.

 Here is a couple following the time honored tradition of battling the undead on their big day. It is their way of saying, "I'll stick by you well into the apocalypse."


Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Dead Rider and Governor's Proxy

Here are a couple Wyrd minis that I got to paint up just a little while ago.

 These are both the metal versions of the characters. Wyrd has been switching their line to plastic, and with some very nice results, but it is also nice to go back and paint up the metals ones too.

 It isn't like Wyrd had a poor range before their move to plastic, you know? In fact, in a few instances, I really miss the old metal versions.

 Anyway, here they are- the Dead Rider and Governor's proxy


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wolf Lord Logan Grimnar

I painted up this Logan Grimnar a little while ago. He's the old metal version- from before he was moved to Resin, then later re-sculpted and put on a flying wolf drawn chariot. I'm still fond of him on foot, and the dynamic pose this mini has really works for him.

 Ultimately, the challenge on this mini was helping all of the various tiny details to pop, and still keep his face a strong center of interest. I think I accomplished this through my use of color (the warmest spots are on his face).

 I believe that my only regret here is that we didn't get a photo of the freehand on his shoulder before we mailed him off.

 Anyway, here he is.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rhythm Gamers Cake Topper

I get to see a lot of neat ideas for the wedding cake toppers that I make. These range from subtle touches to make the toppers represent the couple's interests, to complete thematic sets.

 In this case, the couple wanted to show their extreme love for gaming through a revolution style dance mat and arcade setup. I posed the two of them to be playing while holding hands.

 Here they are:


Friday, September 4, 2015

Legions of Praetorian Imperial Guard

When I first started painting armies some years back, I was contacted to paint up a few old-school Praetorian Imperial Guard. I played Imperial guard back when the Praetorians were first released (originally meant in the limited edition box set).

 I'm also a big fan of the film Zulu! that inspired them (Michael Caine is always good). So I was excited. I figured I wouldn't get a lot of chances to paint Praetorians again, since they were no longer being made, and they weren't ever produced as a regular line of imperial guardsmen.

Somehow, I was very wrong.

 He has expanded his force many times, with more classic out-of-print minis than I thought I'd ever end up seeing. I was so many kinds of wrong about that- over the years I've been sent wave after wave of Praetorians to paint up, until the force resembles the massive armies from the fluff.

Included were a number of tanks of all sizes, and quite a few Praetorian conversions of Imperial Guard characters, some Victoria Lamb sculpts, and even a Titan. Eventually the force's proud owner sent me this pic:

  A huge legion of Praetorian Imperial Guard

I don't think it is right to just show an army photo like that, so here are some close-ups: