Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What is THAT THING?!?

I love the tradition where I get minis that my daughter picked out.

 This is one that she described as "a Squid-Octopus." Also "He looks like he's gonna eat me." I believe he's supposed to be one of the stranger D&D creatures (a sort of stalagmite that eats the rare creature to walk into a cave- sort of like a carnivorous plant, except larger, deadlier, and living in environment that doesn't have plentiful creatures to support it.

Naturally, we had to incorporate it into our Mouslings game, and I found this encounter was my favorite moment as a GM.

 - Mouslings are at sea

GM: You hear singing. It sounds like children waying come and play with us. Make a will save. (4 Year old makes will save, fails. Her mother passes. GM considers saying something about being compelled to believe the voices, then thinks better of it). Yep, you hear children singing "Come play with us."

 4yo: We need to go play with the children! Let's go right now! We get out of the boat to find the children.

 Mom: Maybe they aren't really...

 4yo: We go play with the children!

 - The mouslings disembark, and are attacked by a strange tentacled monster that was impersonating children singing

 4yo: (with astonishment) He lied!


 I went for a fleshy appearance, rather than making it look like an inorganic stalagmite. It just seemed more horrific a creature that way.

 The base I made for it was based on some Kingdom Death bases that I've made. For some reason, this creature just strikes me as so extremely strange that it fits right in in that hell dimension setting. Plus, I had made several of these Plains of Faces bases for clients, but I hadn't had a chance to paint one myself yet.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Black Dress Wedding Cake Topper

I suppose that a lot of my clients are going for something not quite straight laced at their wedding (although I have done one strictly traditional cake topper and a number of toppers that are a subtle enough to fit in with a traditional atmosphere).

 Not all of the brides I work with will be wearing white gowns. The first one I made was for a bride wearing a red dress. My wife wore a blue panel with a dragon print on it for our wedding.

 Here is one such topper where the bride is wearing an elegant black dress. And they're defending their new home against the zombie apocalypse.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Pumpkin Golem

My wife took my four year old to the game store right before my birthday. This has become quite the tradition for us, and this time she came back with a pumkin golem.

 I guess she had been listening when I mentioned that my wife always seems to claim the pumpkin characters. He's already appeared in our weekly mouslings campaign- he was actually an ally npc who just happened to have an extremely creepy voice.

 And his name was John- he doesn't go by Jack. So here he is:


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Zombie Dog Combt Wedding Cake Topper

I make a lot of zombies for wedding cakes. A lot of them are simply zombies, and I get to decide the details. Many of them are designed to match specific people- most often the bridesmaids and groomsmen as zombies.

 One time, I even made the father of the bride as a zombie. This couple had an idea that was completely new to me- they wanted to be fighting off their pet dogs as zombies. Altogether, I think they turned out pretty awesome.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

I was given a fairly open project a little while ago- just take a daemon prince kit and make sure he ends up nurgle aligned.

 With the daemon prince kit, I've found that a head swap goes a very long way, so I chose a head from my bits box- it comes from a Crypt Horror. It isn't exactly the same size as the normal prince head, but I think that actually helps it out- it makes it seem less like the original mini (since the head doesn't look more deformed than the core mini. After having him there, my client let me know that he preferred a winged Daemon Prince (ok, the mobility adds a lot of utility on daemon princes).

 If I had realized this from the start, I'd probably have used the normal daemon prince wings, but I really loved how the back spikeds looked with the fleshy-nurgle scheme. So I opted to use another set of wings from my bits box- from the same kit as the head, even: