Friday, August 24, 2018

Armorcast Reaver Titan

Here's a very old Reaver Titan that I got to do recently. It was made by Armorcast way back in the day- and was essentially just an up-scaling of the old Epic scale titan from the time. That makes these old titans into a bit of a challenge. Just the size of the rivets and general lack of smaller details makes it hard for them to fit in with more current 40k minis. They can very easily end up looking like an old action figure more than a 40k mini. The trick I've learned is that having some small details added in the painting- especially with the battle damage- goes a long way to making them fit in with a force.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ladies of Kingdom Death

Here's a commission that I did a while ago- these are quite a lot of ladies of Kingdom Death. I think most of them were resins (except the Black Friday Ninja). Kingdom Death does some fantastic sculpting and the concepts are always really interesting. While none of these were made to fit into the board game, most of them work just fine in that regard.


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Zombie Cake Toppers- What Weapons to Choose?

When I first started making geek wedding cake toppers, the very first requests that I had were to create zombies and survivors to fight them. Since then, I've done quite a lot of very different zombie apocalypse wedding cake toppers. I'm always interested to see what sort of weapons the bride and groom choose.


The shotgun is a classic anti zombie weapon. At close range, it can easily shred a zombie, and a head shot is likely to obliterate said head. The drawback is the noise- your boomstick will be attracting zombies from blocks away every time you use it. Which is where the machete comes into play. While close combat is clearly riskier than firearms, it does allow you to get a clean kill without alerting every zombie in the neighborhood.


His and Hers M4 Assault rifles. This assault rifle is quite a fantastic weapon for battling zombies. It is a very accurate assault rifle. Its ideal range is just about perfect for battles with zombies, and the accuracy is a dream- perfect for scoring that headshot. But don't use it on automatic- while it might pulverize one or two zombies, you'll also be out of precious ammunition before you know it.

 This last couple are going for a full stealth mode. The bow has a lot of advantages- aside from being much quieter than a firearm, it also has the advantage that you can retrieve your arrows. You can even make new arrows with far less expertise and equipment than it takes to produce new bullets for your gun. And while we've already discussed the merits of the machete, it is worth noting that this bride came prepared with a side arm- to use if she ends up in a close quarters that make her bow unwieldy.