Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lukas the Trickster

I recently had my first commission for one of the new Space Wolves minis. This time, it was Lukas the Trickster.

I have to say, the Loki in terminator armor was quite a bit of fun to paint. I used many of the same methods in painting the face that I've talked about before- including a hint of five o'clock shadow around his beard.

The wolf pelt was painted using a method I pulled from a very old painting guide from Mike McVey. Essentially, you start out with a mustard type color, highlight up to white and shade part of the pelt with a brown ink.

Overall, I think he turned out quite nicely. I loved the detail on his face, and the expression (most Space Marines are only ever angry or shouting, this one is actually a little gleeful). I look forward to more minis like this coming from GW.

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