Friday, August 19, 2011

Sedition Wars rules are up

For those of you who stopped by the Coolmini or Not booth at Gencon, you will probably have seen Mike McVey demoing his new game.

For those of you who don't know, Mike has been in the business of miniatures for a long time- his resume includes quite a bit of time leading GW's 'Eavy Metal team, miniatures art direction at Privateer Press, and designing several of the industry standard paint lines, as well as sculpting for several major companies.

My favorite contribution might be the painting tutorials he's done. I actually got him to sign the first one that I owned (from a White Dwarf in 1992).

Currently, he's started up a company with his wife Alison called Studio McVey. They've been mostly releasing a line of limited edition resin minis that are easily among the best minis available. I could even argue that some of them are the very best. Please, go check those out. I'll wait.

Back? Yea, pretty awesome stuff. Now they're starting a line of science fiction minis, and they're starting on a game to go with it. Right now the game looks similar to Space Hulk, but with some pretty interesting infection mechanics (one of the starting factions reminds me of Halo's Flood- in a good way).

The thing is, they're releasing the super-early beta rules online, and hoping to get a lot of feedback as they continue to create the system. It is hard to say how it will eventually turn out, but if you want a say, go download the Sedition Wars rules and Map.

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