Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Working within a limited pallet 2

A little while ago I posted up a Calandra mini that I painted using only five pots of paint:

There were a lot of things that I liked about painting this mini. Honestly, Calandra is ranking up with a lot of my favorite minis to date. I also loved working in the limited pallet- it gave my work a really interesting unified look without being monochromatic.

Also, I did not keep this Calandra for myself. So that means that my own Trollblood force was in need. So, armed with many good excuses, I set out to paint a second Calandra.

I did a lot to switch things up with her.

I used four of the same five colors (I switched out a brown for a cooler brown color) but overall, she's the same pallet. Overall, she looks like she has a much cooler pallet, and that comes down to the usage of colors entirely. There was a great deal more mixing of colors than in the first Calandra- her skin and tabard are both the same color mixes, simply with different amounts of red in them.

I also picked out some details with jewel effects- most of these were simply stone the first time around.

I've tried out some other limited pallet works that I'll be posting up soon. Overall, I think they've been a pretty enourmous sucess.

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