Thursday, August 6, 2015

Salamanders Space Marines- Space Crusade Recreation part 1

When I first started miniatures gaming, my first game was the classic Space Crusade. That game will forever have warm feelings from me.

 However, I soon started converting minis from the set, and using their bits in other conversions and I found that I really wanted to play Space Crusade, but didn't have any of the parts that I'd need.

 So I went to my "bits box"- which is quite extensive these days, with parts catalogued- and found that I could pull a full Space Crusade force out of it.

 I painted up my first unit as Salamanders as a tribute to the Salamanders forces I painted over the years (they'll be 'counts as' Imperial Fists for the most part).

 At Gencon, I decided to throw some of these minis into the unit category, where they received a bronze pin and 3rd place.





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