Friday, June 1, 2018

Magma Thagrosh

When some warlocks and warcasters go epic, they don't change all that much. This is not the case with Thagrosh, who seems to be slowly transforming into a full on dragon.

 For this project, my client wanted me to create a very different look for Thagrosh. I pitched him a couple ideas, and he really loved the concept of giving Thagrosh the Lava Dragon treatment.

So here he is, in all his fiery glory.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Here are two more Chibi conversions I made of Kingdom Death characters. These are the first two that I made that weren't for my own collection. I'm still quite fond of how they turned out, and I kind of wish I'd gotten to keep them (I might have to remake them later).

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kingdom Death Dung Beetle Knight

The Dung Beetle Knight is one of Kingdom Death's more iconic monsters, and one of the more difficult ones to deal with. Here is a DBK that I got to do for a client.

 The mini is absolutely fantastic- the hardest thing about painting him is that he's been painted up very well quite a few times before- it is a little bit tough to make him unique and awesome at the same time.   I used some vibrant color changes for the highlights and shadows to give him a sort of subtle irridescent look.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wedding Cake Toppers with a Pet

Quite a number of times, I've made cake toppers that included pets (usually dogs or cats, but there was that one couple who had me include an alpaca).

Anyway, here are two couples that did just that. One of them had more casual clothing than usual, while the other couple was definitely defending themselves from the zombie horde with their trusty hound.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kingdom Death Chibi Survivors

I've been showing off the conversions from my Chibi Kingdom Death set for a while now- but I realize that I've neglected to post up good pictures of the survivors that I've made. Here is a group of them.

 Since this is an ongoing project, I'll be continuously making more, so there will never be a final "all of them together" post. The conversions range between custom basing and extensive resculpting.

  Chibi Kingdom Death Alistair

Alistair uses the head from Sebastian Cross- I had an extra since I used Cross' body for my Kingsman. His body comes from a Mistmourn Shaman, with his skirt sculpted on, and his weapons come from Kingdom Death sprues. I really liked the idea of painting his eyes to match the prologue, even though he's clearly a Lantern Year 2+ survivor (since he's not barefoot, and has a bone blade).

  Chibi Kingdom Death Zachary

For Zachary, I wanted a survivor that was a little more muscular than scrawny Alistair, so I used the body from Yokozuna (I still have the head for making a Sun Priest later).


Rail Raiders Infinite's Rhinestone took me by surprise. She just looked perfect for Kingdom Death, and just needed a color scheme that would work with the set.


 It seemed wrong not to make a version of the crossover Candy and Cola for my Chibi Kingdom Death set. The head comes from Candy, and I found the best body to start from was a Shrine Ninja Kunoichi. Much of her skirt is sculpted on. I would have put Cola on her skirt, but I got to thinking that he should be his own survivor. I haven't finished his conversion yet, but I'll make sure to share it.

  Chibi Kingdom Death Plague doctor

The Plague Doctor doesn't seem like the most natural mini to make for Chibi Kingdom Death. I was looking through my bits box one day, and I found an old Rackham goblin, and I could see all of the conversion that I'd need to make. For his color scheme, I decided to make a tribute to the Shovel Knight villain/hero Plague Knight. I'll probably do a couple other Shovel Knight characters as well (Specter Knight would make a good survivor as well).


I've posted him before, but here is my first False Messenger- the Messenger of Humanity. Until they have their own rules, they're playing as survivors. He was made from a Yamazaru Ninja. I did quite a few things to him- sculpted his cape and head wrap, swapped out his weapons, and gave him a sheathed twilight sword on his back.


And here's the girl who started it all. No changes to her except for the chibi face base. I bought the resin resculpt of her as well, and I have to say that it is a clearly superior sculpt and cast. Honestly, already having a twilight knight to fill the role has kept me from painting up a second one, so I'm considering what sort of twilight knights I could convert her into. At the moment, I'm oscillating between making her a cat for the Neko Twilight Knight or giving her a costume as the Halloween Twilight Knight.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kingdom Death Dragon King

The dragon king is a very majestic mini. Like most Kingdom Death minis, he's exquisitely detailed, and simply oozes character. In addition, he's also large enough that it is hard to get a photograph of him that keeps everything in focus.

 I was very happy to have a chance to paint him up. I got to do a lava face base for him (something that I'll probably do something like this on my own Dragon King when I get around to painting him up).

 But enough words:


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Blood Bowl- Orcland Raiders

I've loved Blood Bowl for a long time, and I was super happy to see Games Workshop bring it back (ok, some of us were playing the whole time, but it is still great to see their new minis and boards).

Here's a team that I got to do for a client. I've always favored the Bad Moons, so I was really happy that he wanted these guys in Bad Moon Yellow.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Harlequin Solitaire with Sonic the Hedgehog Style

Eldar/Aeldari Harlequin have always been a favorite force of mine. When the Solitaire rules were reintroduced, they presented the fasted character around- this guy can outrun most bikes and skimmers just running.

 I had a client who saw this as an opportunity to bring a Sonic the Hedgehog theme to the Harlequins- and I think it worked rather well. The pattern on his cloak is all spiky V shapes to match Sonic's bristles, and I used the iconic shoes from Sega's superstar.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Umaro and Mog Chibi Miniatures

When Super Dungeon Explore first hit the scene, I almost immediately wanted to start making characters from some of my favorite 16 bit JRPGs.

 For some reason, my favorite characters in Final Fantasy 6 were always the least central ones, but the chances that Sodapop were going to make a suitable Mog or Umaro mini was pretty low. So, when I saw that a local Blood Bowl commissioner had some Big Foot minis for sale, I had to jump at the chance to make an Umaro. I only had to adjust the hair a little and it was perfect.

 For Mog, I started out with a Giri creep from the Super Dungeon Goro set (I ended up with lots of extra Giri after the Forgotten King Kickstarter. Mog has always struck me as a particularly badass moogle and I felt like that needed to shine through.  Anyway, here they are:



Monday, November 6, 2017

Customizing Outfits for Wedding Cake Toppers

When I'm making custom wedding cake toppers, one of the things I always love to see are all of the beautiful dresses for me to match.

 Groom's clothing tends to be a little more similar to one another, but there are some grooms that have more varied attire.

 For example, I've made quite a lot of grooms in Dress Blues from every branch of the US military.


I've also done several grooms wearing kilts (matching the tartans is always a fun challenge).


And once in a while, I get something I've never done before. Here's an example of this- the couple went for wedding attire from times of old:


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Gorm for Chibi Kingdom Death

When creating a full Chibi Kingdom Death set, I found that a number of the larger Kingdom Death monsters already had large heads (or head like areas). In some cases, no actual modifications were needed to turn them into Chibi Kingdom Death creatures.

When I'm creating chibi characters, I tend towards some of the more official color schemes. It helps the characters to be recognizable. However, with the unmodified monsters, it makes more sense to approach them with a brighter pallet (and go for chibi eyes).

 So, here is my Gorm- in strong purples. I painted the eyes similar to the way that I paint Chibi Zombie eyes. I also decided that the head stalk wasn't a great spot for a light source unless I wanted the mini to be mostly in darkness, so I opted for a second eye instead. Here he is- all ready to dismember cute little survivors.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reaper Adventurers

Reaper just finished off their Kickstarter for a lot of crazy new stuff in Bones (got to love the zombie shark). While Bones is fantastic for having a legion of monsters, or the very large ones, their metal heroes definitely have an advantage in direct comparison. Here are a few of the PCs that I've had the chance to paint up.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Geek Wedding Cake Toppers Made to Match Fans

Lately, I've had a lot of requests for this particular mix of fandoms. I think it makes sense- some fandoms really endure the test of time and will be with us for our whole lives.

 One thing I'd like to show off is just how different all of them are. The wedding dresses here were all made to match the dresses these brides actually wore, the groom's outfits were matched as well, and we even have some changes to the pose and height differences showing up.




Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Super Kingdom Death Explore: Phoenix

There's no doubt that the Phoenix is the great centerpiece of the core Kingdom Death board game. It is a massive, twisted and brilliantly detailed mini.

 For my own set, I've decided to follow Super Dungeon Explore logic- as the creatures get larger, they also become less chibi. This follows the way that old videogames would work (good examples are Final Fantasy or Pokemon- proportions become less chibi as the characters get larger).

 Also, the mini already has a massive head in comparison to its body. Ultimately, I decided to simply change the face instead of rearranging the whole thing.


Inside you can see how the human face inside the mouth has been replaced with a chibi face. More subtly, the other eyes on the phoenix have been re-scupted to be a little larger.

  Phoenix Chibi Closeup

Monday, August 28, 2017

Whole Wedding Party Zombie Cake Topper

Here's a cake topper set that included the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as the groom and bride. I got to match the whole group- although some of them were less than at their best health.

 The whole thing created a sort of diorama on top of the cake, with the bride and groom fending off familiar zombies.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Possibility for official Chibi Games Workshop minis spotted

This is big news to me. Games Workshop has licensed Ninja Division to create board and card games based on Games Workshop properties.

 They're starting out with a card game in which players play as dwarf slayers competing to see who dies with the most glory. Very Old World. But speculation crops up quickly- Ninja Division are well known for making brilliant Chibi miniatures (I have some of their fantastic Rail Raiders in front of my right now). And they've recently started fleshing out their crossover lineup. So far, they've done crossovers with Kingdom Death, Mutant Chronicles and three of NJ's own properties (Takaoshi University, Relic Knights and Way of the Fighter).

 It would be a terrible shame if they don't make a few chibi minis based on Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar.

 So here are a few minis that I really think would make great Chibis: Most things Nurgle would be great in chibi form. This guy's a good example, but so would some plague bearers

Ok, I'm probably wrong about the horrors. I love Tzeentch, but to be honest, he's got such a huge head that he's probably already chibi enough:

Maybe it'd be better to go with a Lord of Change

On the 40k front, I've always been fond of Harlequins

 And Space wolves. Ragnar Blackmane used to be the poster boy for the chapter, but recently it has moved more towards Logan Grimnar

From the Eldar, it would be a shame to miss out on Eldrad Ulthuan

And Chibi Genestealers would be so amAZing

 Honestly, the possibilities of this are crazy. Games Workshop has been expanding their worlds with iconic characters for years and years- Ninja Division have plenty to work with.