Friday, September 4, 2015

Legions of Praetorian Imperial Guard

When I first started painting armies some years back, I was contacted to paint up a few old-school Praetorian Imperial Guard. I played Imperial guard back when the Praetorians were first released (originally meant in the limited edition box set).

 I'm also a big fan of the film Zulu! that inspired them (Michael Caine is always good). So I was excited. I figured I wouldn't get a lot of chances to paint Praetorians again, since they were no longer being made, and they weren't ever produced as a regular line of imperial guardsmen.

Somehow, I was very wrong.

 He has expanded his force many times, with more classic out-of-print minis than I thought I'd ever end up seeing. I was so many kinds of wrong about that- over the years I've been sent wave after wave of Praetorians to paint up, until the force resembles the massive armies from the fluff.

Included were a number of tanks of all sizes, and quite a few Praetorian conversions of Imperial Guard characters, some Victoria Lamb sculpts, and even a Titan. Eventually the force's proud owner sent me this pic:

  A huge legion of Praetorian Imperial Guard

I don't think it is right to just show an army photo like that, so here are some close-ups:


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