Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ninja Kickstarter and Wurm Claw Exemplar

Ok, so the big news in Chibi miniatures right now is that there is we're experiencing the latest Kickstarter from Sodapop Miniatures: Ninja All Stars.

 The game features some oustanding sculpts of chibi ninjas, and alltogether looks fantastic. And even if you're not interested in playing the Ninja All Stars game, you might still want to check out the Kickstarter simply for the Super Dungeon Explore crossover stuff- basically, you get a Warband box (double spawn point, mini boss and two hero cards) along with some variation so that it will fit any of the all stars ninja clans. 

To celebrate this event, here is my latest work from Super Dungeon Explore. I got this guy at Gencon last year, so he's the resin version of the Wyrm Claw Exemplar. Also, he's on foot, because the version where he rides a dragon isn't out just yet.


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