Friday, July 11, 2014

Kingdom Death Warrior of the Sun

Here's a great Kingdom Death mini that I got to paint up for a client a little while ago. She was splendid to paint, and made me rather fond of the KD line's quality.

 The starscape was all done in normal freehand, but the warpaint/tattoos were actually following some lines in the sculpt. They were shallow, and it wasn't very different from painting freehand, you simply had some guidelines to follow.

 I normally dislike that sort of freehand guide (I prefer to have blank flags rather than ones with relief sculptures set into them) but they were so shallow that a simple layer of gloss would have completely taken care of it.

 Altogether, a fine mini.  I'd consider getting one for myself, but they're all sold out (like most of Kingdom Death's LE resin lineup).

  Warrior of the Sun 1

Warrior of the Sun 2

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