Monday, September 14, 2009

Classic Space Hulk Mini

Ok, so a while back I found a few of my very old minis and decided to paint them up. I started out with this gem from Space Crusade.

More recently, I decided to paint up an old- 1st edition Space Hulk mini that I found. Yes, this is a terminator cast in one piece of plastic. His storm bolter just kind of melts into his arm and shoulder, his pauldrons are oval-ish and overall, he's pretty much exactly what I expected from a plastic marine from the Rogue Trader era.

Here's hoping I can find one of the old fully posable plastic beaky marines.


  1. I would love to see you paint up a beaky. I've had a few sitting in a bath of simple green for a while to try and remove my soup thick original paint job!

  2. Yeah, I know the feeling.

    This mini was quite a hassle to strip. The old paints that I used were a different kind and didn't come off as easily.

  3. Tip: Buy some surgical alcohol from a chemist, and dunk them in that for half an hour. Then just scrub away the paint with a tooth brush. I have tried stripping plastic minis for years and tried EVERYTHING - and nothing beats this. It doesn't melt your figures, and you don't have to have them submerged for days or have to pick bits of paint out of the cracks. All my Rogue Trader plastics are now back to bare plastic with no fuss at all. I just wish I had known this years ago, before oven cleaners, brake fluid, pine sol, etc etc... Try it - about £2 a bottle (which you can reuse) - you will never want to use anything else again.

  4. It's far past the original article but I absolutely love what you did with the terminator, I found 3 of these guys in an old box and thought they looked absolutely abysmal, but it shows that a nice paint job can make them look fantastic. These guys are getting fielded in my army